Website Under Maintenance

Our FossaCraft website is currently undergoing maintenance to upgrade and update all information for our community and members. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and assure you that we are working to make the website more relevant and user-friendly. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time and look forward to the website's return to normal soon.

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Season 4 is now here and better than ever! Opened on June 8th 2022 with the 1.19 wild update! And will continue for at least another year.


We are still accepting applications for new Fossa's to join our adventure. We've had two end events now and another is coming soon, following the 1.20 update. Our community island is starting to flourish with a couple of shops and games! There's still lots to be done... Community projects are underway such as the Community Island Beautification Project, Nether Hub and linking Highways Project, and the End & Gateways transformation project will come late-season.

For the first time in FossaCraft history, our current season, and season world, will NOT be resetting with the 1.20 update. Instead we will part-reset some of the worlds, and start the next season when our amazing community votes and decides that they are ready to. Meaning you can take your time, or to complete your bases and projects, without fear we will reset when its only half done!

We have a whitelisted, small, and close-knit community with everyone's real life commitments taking priority. So, consider this server similar to a singleplayer world, but better and more fun because its in a community where you can collaborate with each other, and easier with shops to purchase materials or services from. 


See the potential that we see in the server? Feel you can be a valuable addition? Are a mature, trustworthy, committed, and friendly player, who wants to play in a toxic free environment with fellow Fossa mates, and can contribute to our improvement?

Click HERE to take you to our application forum. If the link is invalid, let us know and we will update ASAP. 

About us

We are FossaCraft, a Hermitcraft-inspired survival server that has become a unique experience in its own right. We recently expanded to include a creative world, which has added a new dimension of fun to our community-oriented approach. Originally, we aimed to replicate the YouTube series, but we quickly realized that wasn't practical or fun for the average Minecraft player. That's why we became FossaCraft and introduced datapacks and plugins, including multiplayer sleep, coreprotect, heads, and much more.

While we have evolved into our own community, we still draw inspiration from Hermitcraft, utilizing a diamond-based economy, a community island for shops and games, and a nether hub. Our server is whitelisted and secure, and we encourage anyone who's interested in a friendly and trustworthy community to join us. Our staff members, including the server owner hotshotjackamo, SeaSharkdododo, SparkyGorgon229, and Xrench, are always working to make the server even better.

Server Owner "hotshotjackamo"

Our diverse community includes players from around the world, with members hailing from the USA, Europe, and beyond. We welcome anyone trustworthy, friendly, and who can see the potential in the server that we do, who meets the Discord Legal Age Restriction of 13+ to join us. We believe in involving our members as much as possible, and anyone is welcome to help with certain aspects of the server. Come and join us, and experience the unique and fun world of FossaCraft.