Image credit: Xrench. Shaders used: BSL Shaders

Follow the candy canes on community (spawn) island and soon you'll find the christmas village community project over the west side of community island. Please get involved, some resources have been supplied already that you are more than welcome to use (strictly for the community project only and all unused resources must be returned when you logg off again so others can use them... and yes, staff can see whose taken and not returned). Not sure where you're allowed to build here? or wanting to run your idea pass someone first? You are more than welcome to discuss this with a member of staff or in the #comunity-projects discord channel. We need your help to really make this experience come alive!

Note, this project is more of a themed area than only for the festive season. You are and will always be able to add to this area throughout the rest of the season - of which there is still no current end date, so there's lots of time to get involved!


Season 4 is now here and better than ever! The server opened on June 8th 2022 with the 1.19 wild update! Coming off a high from our very successful season 3 and hyped for the new update. Our slogan for this season is "Stronger Than Dirt", all packed together we can be tougher than Netherite! … right?


We are still accepting applications for new Fossa's to join our adventure. We have had our first end event and another is coming soon! Our community island is starting to flourish with a couple of shops now open and a game coming very soon! We have also had our first trivia night and they are soon becoming some what of a regular thing! There's still lots to be done... Community projects are also underway such as the; Community Island Beautification Project, Nether Hub and linking Highways Project, and End & Gateways transformation project. Its also worth mentioning that for the first time our season, and season world, will NOT necessarily be resetting with the next update. Instead we will reset and start the next season when our amazing community votes and decides that they are ready to. Meaning you can take your time, or even take on more mega, complex and elaborate bases and projects, without fear we will reset when its only half done!

It's worth mentioning that our daily activity has dropped significantly with eveyones real life commitments taking priority. So, consider this server more like a single player world, but better and more fun becuase its in a community where you can collaborate and see each other, and easier with shops to purchace materials or services from. 


See the potential that we see in the server? Feel you can be a valuable addition? Are a mature and committed player, who wants to play in a toxic free environment with friends, and soon to be fellow Fossa mates?

Click HERE to take you to our application forum, if the link is invalid let us know and we will update ASAP. Express your enthusiasm to join our server, the same way you would express your enthusiasm to join the Hermitcraft server!

About us

We (FossaCraft) are a Hermitcraft inspired survival server. Despite initially looking to replicate the YouTube series in our way among friends, we found this to be impractical and relatively boring for the standard Minecraft player and our community as a whole. As a result, came "FossaCraft" (rather than the previous name "Hermit-Like"). Why this name? Simply because a Fossa is the owner's favorite animal, thus meaning that all members are now officially Fossas as opposed to "Hermits". Although, the name was not the only change - hotshotjackamo also included many "new" non-hermit-related datapacks to make our world more unique and interesting (more "fun") for our community. However, even with these changes we still consider ourselves as a "hermitcraft-like" realm which we were then when we first started on 3 April 2020. In preparation for the 1.16 update release, we have now became a whitelisted multiplayer server which is much more practical and reliable for us, and we plan to keep this server for the foreseen future.

Server Owner "hotshotjackamo"

We still try to follow the standard gameplay of Hermitcraft similarly. For example, with the implementation of a shopping district and having a private whitelist containing a group of good friends who have a passion for Minecraft and like playing together. Many of these friendships developed in the realm's first days online and throughout the first season overall. We are not fixated on copying the YouTuber's world exactly nor restricting ourselves to the rules and gameplay which they allow/follow, as we are our own community now and so we do what's best for us.


The aforementioned Hotshotjackamo is currently the server owner, and in such he plans to be for the foreseen future. Alongside co-owner Douwnlin. On our Graphics team, we have, SeaSharkdododo, and SparkyGorgon229. Our Discord management team and general moderation team consist of the aforementioned staff. On our web team, we have Hotshotjackamo, Douwnlin, and SparkyGorgon229. Lastly, Orench directs our socials Instagram page, and for the most part, Hotshotjackamo deals with the YouTube account. However, the full community helps create videos for the channel. Note, as our community is so close-knit, if Hotshotjackamo needed any help with certain aspects of the server everyone, even members, is more than willing to help the best they can.


We are a very diverse community with players from across the world with nationalities from the USA and Europe. Although, we will not restrict any entry from other continents too. The community also consists of a wide age range from 13 to 30+ all members must meet Discord Legal Age Restriction of 13+. Unfortunately, we cannot accept anyone under this age from entering our community due to these imposed regulations.