Season 4 - World Seed - 5886273406

Season 4, launched in June 2022, marks a pivotal moment for FossaCraft. With the ambition to surpass past achievements, our staff team embarked on creating an unparalleled experience. This season introduces a central Community Island, fostering collaboration through shared projects, shops, and games. Our goal is to revitalize this hub, making it the vibrant heart of our world. Additionally, we aim to complete our nether hub, prioritizing practicality and achievability.

Unlike previous seasons, Season 4 adopts a partial reset approach with the upcoming 1.20 update. This ensures the safety of existing builds while refreshing the world to integrate new features. With no set end date, the season evolves until the community decides on a full reset. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, there's ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the season's offerings and pursue ambitious projects.

A notable addition to Season 4 is the introduction of our dedicated creative mode world. Players can seamlessly transition between creative and survival modes, enhancing their gameplay experience. Discover more about our diverse range of datapacks and plugins on our website. Join us as we continue to shape Season 4 into an unforgettable journey of creativity and camaraderie.

Server Activity SO FAR... In Pictures :D



Season 4 Base location list:


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