Season 4 - World Seed

Season 4 launched in June of 2022 following the success of previous seasons, the staff team here at FossaCraft wanted to make this season the best yet! For the first time there will be no particulear island for shopping and games. Instead, there will be one community island at the heart of the world where players will be encouraged to, of course build shops and games. However, also to participate in other community projects and much more. We hope to completley transform the community island (which is also world spawn island), into the heart of the server and we are commited to make it thrive by the end of the season. Another ambition of ours is to completley finish our nether hub this season as unfortunatley we have been unable to do this in any previous season. Thus, the design is less ambitious and more practical and achievable this time round. Another change that we made was to, instead of resetting the server with ever new minecraft update, have no set season end date. Therefore the season will continue the community agrees that it's ready to, this means that even if you join the server now as a new commer, there is still plenty of time to take advantage of the season and complete any projects you have in mind, however mega. Although, please note that it has now been confirmed that the latest time for a full server reset and the beggining of season 5, if not before, will be in line with the minecraft 2025 update. Furthermore, Season 4 was the first to see its very own creative mode world too! This means that our players are able to /warp creative and /warp survival to get to their last locations in said worlds. A list of our other datapacks and plugins can be found here.

Server Activity SO FAR... In Pictures :D



Season 4 Base location list:


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