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Rules / Guidelines / Links

By joining this server, you are accepting our community guidelines and the terms of service presented to us by Discord. Some rules in the Discord ToS may be repeated in the rules to further emphasize what at the time seems more necessary to further express.

Discord Terms of Service
Discord Community Guidelines

FossaCraft Terms of Service
FossaCraft Official Discord Server
FossaCraft Official YouTube


General Rules:

1) Be considerate towards others and assume good faith.

2) Use channels for their intended purposes.

3) Use common sense, in terms of what you believe would be allowed and what wouldn't. If you are confused of such, please contact a staff member and ask. We're always happy to help!

4) Do not ping a staff member for no reason.

5) Do not harass others or use discriminatory or offensive language.

6) Do not spam, chain text, or post large walls of text, including the spam of links (of which they should also be relevant and follow the other rules, such as not to be offensive etc.)

7) Use of offensive, foul, language both in-game and in discord server. This rule applies to everyone. Hate speech, racism, and discrimination also fall under this rule. Note that cussing is not necessarily prohibited, However, should be used with maturity in case someone is sensitive towards such topic.

8) Do not join this server or any other server to spread hate. Doing so will result in punishment.

9) Do not plagiarize content without a citation.

10) Do not post or share anything that can be considered NSFW or inappropriate, player that breaks this rule will be punished depending on severeness.

11) Do not reveal any person's information without their consent.

12) Do not reveal any information a member would like to keep secret. This includes things relevant to FossaCraft, such as items, locations, or events.

13) Do not disrespect staff, if you got issues with a staff member take it to the DM's. Otherwise DM a higher rank with explanation and proof.

14) Searching for or making use of the world seed is considered cheating and punishable (Note, even the owner & co-owner do not have permission to seek seed details).


General Rules on the Minecraft Server:

1) All shops must be located at spawn.

2) The economy/currency will be based on diamonds.

3) Do not steal or grief.

4) All general rules apply inside of the Minecraft server.

5) Cussing is not necessarily prohibited, However, should be used with maturity in case someone is sensitive towards such topic.

6) When constructing redstone contraptions please make sure that they are server friendly, if you do not know how to do this please contact @SeaShark#7980 as he will try to explain/help you with the process.


When adding images/Graphics or any other Media in Channels:

1) Give clear, concise names with a relevant title.

2) Ensure you are not uploading a duplicate file (duplicates will be removed)

3) Please use either JPG or PNG file types.

4) Upload art, media, memes, etc, to relevant channels only.

5) Do not upload files which violate the standard Terms of Use. This includes pornographic, discriminatory, or offensive images. Please note that we are mature so reference's to such topics can be made however with the best intentions in mind as not to trigger anyone.

6) It is preferred you upload higher quality images. Please note that this is not enforceable. Although, it would be good if we can see your work in good quality!


Violations Board:

First Violation: Warn
Second Violation: Second Warn
Third Violation: Finial Warning
If you are caught breaking any of these rules, know that punishment is inevitable.
Rules will be updated every now and then, we expect everyone to uphold them the same as usual.
Depending on what you did, we will, if necessary, skip warns and straight to temporary or permanent ban.