Feel free to donate however small or honorable you wish to help maintain our community and keep our wonderful server online!

ALL donations, including profits made from merch after fulfilment costs, will go directly into improving the server and keeping us online for longer. Donations will be used for a variety of things from subscribing to a better/more reliable/more practical server host or upgrading RAM and storage, to community games and events including the purchasing of improved or excellent plugins, datapacks, and productions to help our community thrive! Note, all community oriented decisions where to spend excess money (if donations exceed server upkeep costs) will be based on a community poll or vote. Suggestions on what we spend your donation on are always welcome too!

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We are now accepting Orders for merch!

Excluding: "Embroidered Fossa Hoodie" and "Fossa Water Bottle". This is due to a quality issue, the fossa icon will most likely change in the near future. FossaCraft will not offer any refunds to those that purchase these two products as you were made aware of the potential loss in quality  before hand.


Please note that we use a 100% secure and trusted 3rd party to fulfil your merchandise order. Hoodies will not appear in the website cart (donation cart) located last on the page selector. Instead, you will make use of the separate cart given below for merchandise.