Season 2 - World Seed

This is our lost season, the season began 26 June 2020 and continued for several months. 


The player list for season 2 is unfortunately lost, with the world download and seed due to corruption in the download when the season ended. Although, it did happen the same way any other would have, and we all had fun playing together working on mega projects from custom jungle temple bases to custom wasteland biomes. However, minimal player activity led to the season being cut short.


The main goal for this season was to grow, develop and thrive! it started well, all approved members completed an honest application and agreed to be active on a weekly basis at a minimum to help grow and expand player activity and have more of us online at once to play together. This continued for several months and the server was going well. However, due to personal reasons of owner hotshotjackamo and university and school being at the forefront for the majority of the season for many members. It wasn't economical to keep the season going.


Most of the datapacks and plugins for this season are the same as in season 1. However, we have also added DiscordSRV so that people who are not online at a specific time can still communicate with those who are. We were paying 1 diamond block per 100 square blocks used for each game, shop, or building in the shopping district (mushroom spawn island) to try and give our currency more value.


The seed for this season was lost. In the beginning, the seed was left unknown to prevent people from using seed finders and locating spawners, shipwrecks, villages, fortresses, etc. Which will encourage people to put more effort into their gameplay. An image of the seed has been provided.