Season 3 - World Seed - 64093444

Started September 2021, Ended April 2022.


Started as "Season 2 - Remastered" to bring hype from the fallen season. Season 3 lived up to its reputation. Here we lost some of our original players. However, we welcomed many new friends and greatly talented Minecrafters to our community and made it even more active and fun to play on. Our fossa family grew yet also got closer.


Our seed for this season was 64093444 as shown above. Again we settled on the mushroom spawn island being our shopping and games district. Many laughs and fun community events happened here over the season. From the Halloween pumpkin prank that Yoshi and hotshot worked on that ended up staying and providing free pumpkin pie all season long, to the ever faulty pig/horsey race track.


The season concluded with an epic HUNGER GAMES style PVP battle in Hotshotjackamo and Trinitatems Babylon temple. Round one winner was CrazyYeti12, and round 2 winner was Douwnlin. We all are very excited to play in June with the coming 1.19 "Wild" update in the brand new season!